3 must-see gems of New England


The flights are booked, your suitcase is packed, and you’ve got your ESTA visa sorted out. In all the hassle of planning the logistics for your trip to New England, you may have neglected to look into what you’ll actually experience out there. In this post, we’ll look at three of the major highlights every visitor should try to fit into their itinerary.

Acadia National Park

Given National Park status in 1919, Acadia is a staggeringly beautiful patch of New England sprawling over 47,000 acres, with a diverse range of natural beauty to explore. In Acadia, you can trek through dense, ancient woodlands, scale colossal mountains, explore the rugged coastline of Maine, and glide across tranquil lakes on boats. The park is also home to some majestic wildlife, including peregrine falcons, black bears, and moose, as well as two beautiful beaches: Echo Lake Beach and the aptly named Sand Beach.


Newburyport is a small yet beautiful city, standing on the coast just 50 minutes north of Boston. The settlement was established as an active ship-building hub, and its rich history seeps from every brick of the town. The cobbled streets and Anglican architecture of its downtown area invite curious visitors closer to the unique spirit of the place. Travellers coming to Newburyport should certainly make time for strolling down its scenic boardwalk and soak in the views of lobstermen and fishing boats going about their work on the Merrimack River. Visitors to Newburyport can also take a quick drive to Plum Island and try their hand and one of the best surfcasting spots in the US.

Casco Bay Islands

Just off Portland, the Casco Bay Islands are a small chain of islands that run from the Portland coast all the way to Machias Bay. Its highlight is Peaks Island, just a 20-minute boat ride from Portland, which boasts beautiful, sandy beaches, delectable seafood restaurants, as well as a small but active community of artists. Visitors can also find the former site of Fort McKinley on Great Diamond Island, the popular mountain biking routes of Cliff Island, and some excellent golfing opportunities at Chebeague Island.