3 ways to make the most of your time on a flight to the USA

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The USA is over 4,000 miles away from the UK, which means that you’re looking at a long-haul flight wherever you’re travelling from.

Before you board, you’ll need to have sorted out all the important arrangements for your holiday, including your accommodation and your ESTA visa. However, there’s still something else to sort out: how do you kill time on the flight?

Here are three suggestions that might help the journey to fly by.

Educate yourself

The USA isn’t that different from the way it’s depicted in films and on the news. However, there are finer details that set it apart from the culture in Britain.

For instance, it’s commonly expected that patrons should tip at least 10% when they eat in a restaurant or drink in a bar. Additionally, Americans tend to dine much earlier on their side of the pond, so you might have to adjust your meal times while you’re on holiday.

The knowledge you consume on the plane can help your trip run more smoothly and hopefully help you avoid any awkward mishaps.

Make an itinerary

Cities like New York, Orlando and Los Angeles have so many tourist attractions that it’s near impossible to fit them all into one week. That’s why it would be wise to use the time on the plane to make an itinerary. Of course, this could be done before you fly, but those weeks beforehand could be better utilised with pre-holiday planning, such as applying for your ESTA visa.


The US is split into multiple time zones. If you’re holidaying on the east coast, you’ll be five hours behind UK time, and heading to the west coast will put you a massive eight hours behind. A few hours sleep on the flight should leave you with a much-needed spring in your step when you get off the plane, helping you enjoy your vacation.

The US awaits

Don’t forget that you’ll need to be authorised before you can enter the United States. All you need to do is apply for an ESTA visa before you go away.