The 4 best diners and eateries in New York City

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New York City contains such a vibrant atmosphere within its city walls- it’s flushed with amazing fine dining but the hardest thing is discovering what ones are the best. The NYC dinners offer all-day havens of squeaky leaver booths, sizzling flattop grills and the best sticky ribs going around. Maybe you’re not an American citizen but you still want to try some of the meals going? Well then ESTA visa is the best way in making your taste bud dreams come true. Their professional service can improve the chances of your ESTA application being approved. They have a dedicated team who will thoroughly check your application before it is submitted to the US Department of Homeland Security. Therefore, this gives you a better chance to enter the states and enjoy the luxurious brunches in the a.m. and then indulge you in the succulent burgers in the p.m., so here are the best diners in NYC:

Alpha Donuts – Sunnyside

Old-school queens live on this round the clock, cash only joint which is nested beneath a 7 train platform. The scrumptious treats advertised at this diner are from the fried cruller variety, in addition to Irish break platters loaded with some appealing eggs, sausages, beans and fries. If you need to break that fast in the morning and gear you up for the hardship the day is going to throw at you, then this place is the best for it.

Dizzy’s – Park Slope

This place has everything a local diner should have: a comfortable hangover haven, a purveyor of delicious and enormous portions to heal that aching head and to top it off, an indispensable part of the neighbourhood. The have some specialities which are to die for- their ‘Eggs Ben A Diz’ with chorizo in an ancho-lime-hollandaise-dripping delight. In addition to this, their buttermilk biscuit and sausage gravy will require you to have at least two naps to fully recover from the mouth-watering taste.

Veselka – East Village

Whether its 5pm on a Friday night or one of those early Sunday mornings, the family run 24 hour spot (yes its 24-hours) diner has been holding it down for what’s left of the East Village Ukrainian past. Since 1954, this diner has been servicing a neighbourhood that has more bars than any other in all the NYC. The diner offers both solid American standards like eggs and pancakes but also the well-made Eastern European dishes like pierogi, cheese blintzes, borscht and potato pancakes. So this place has a lot to offer and is really diverse when it comes to their food.

Waverly Restaurant

This iconic West village diner is a beautiful place with the traditional trappings of vinyl-padded booths and counter seating which also offers 24-hours a day services. The menu is very diverse and filled with the requisite Belgian waffles, triple-decker sandwiches and deluxe burger platters. If you’re looking for some greasy spoon leanings or a good ol’ omelette, which by the way arrives on a frying pan, then this place is for you!