6 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Visiting Walt Disney World

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Walt Disney World in Florida is reportedly the single most visited holiday destination in the world which in itself is impressive. So many people feel drawn towards witnessing the magic of the Disney experience yet it has to be said it can sometimes be a little overwhelming for those of all ages- there seems to be an impossible amount of things to see and experience. While there are countless guidebooks outlining things that you must-see or must-do there are few that help to break down some things that you should avoid in order for you to make the most of your time there. With that being said, let’s kick off our list of the top things you shouldn’t do when in Walt Disney World…

Not Apply For An ESTA

Did you know that in order for you and your family to be able to enter the US you will need to have been cleared for travel to the States by applying for an ESTA (electronic System for Travel Authorisation)? This system was introduced in 2009 and grants you the right to enter the United States so be sure to apply for your ESTA in good time before you travel!

Sleep In

While typically holidays are a time to chill out and sleep in, this is not something that we recommend in Walt Disney World. The park is most quiet in the early morning (particularly in the first hour of opening) so this makes it the best time to get on the big name rides and avoid the queues. Make the most of the early hours and then you can have a siesta further into the day- you can thank us later!


Trying to get your head around the fact that Walt Disney World is approximately twice the size of Manhattan is hard enough, but it’s even harder coming to terms with the fact that you will never be able to do everything in one trip. There are four theme parks, two water parks and endless other shopping and sporting activities you can explore so try to remember that it’s okay to be picky when it comes to what you end up doing this time around. Walt Disney World is designed to keep you coming back so why not tailor your trip to cover the areas you really want to experience now and leave the rest until next time? This will alleviate the stress, trust us!

Eat Junk Food And Junk Food Alone

While Disney is not typically associated with great food, there definitely are some fantastic options for dining in the parks. While it can be tempting to stick with fast food, be sure to add some variety to your diet and try out the wide range of culinary delights on offer here. One of the best ways to discover a place to eat is by asking a cast member – they know the park better than anyone else after all.

Book A Hotel On The Eastern Side Of Orlando

While tempting due to the affordability of the hotels found on the Eastern side of Orlando, we wouldn’t recommend it. This is purely because these are the furthest hotels from Disney and this means it can become a nightmare getting to the parks each day. We recommend that you stay in hotels that are on exists below 78 for the very best, most stress-free experience.

Make Plans Up As You Go Along

While in the past it was possible for you to wander around the parks without doing any planning, this is no longer the case with fast passes and the ‘My Disney Experience’ app being widely available. Today it is impossible to simply rock up and expect to get a table in the best restaurants or get on the best attractions without some prior planning. Be sure to make advance reservations before you travel to ensure you get to do what you most want to while in Walt Disney World.