All About Alabama


Alabama is certainly a state that is able to instantly capture the heart of any traveller. From its beautiful beaches and incredible sporting history (with so much more to mention in between), the ‘Heart of Dixie’ state has a certain charm about it. Alabama is the where Jefferson Davis became the president of the Confederate States of America and is also considered to be the heart of the Civil Right Movement. It also offers a varied and rich landscape that offers nature loves the chance to explore everything from mountains and lakes to beaches and lush forests. When it comes to food, you are in for a treat! Southern fare is always on the menu here and is guaranteed to come with a slice of some good ol’ southern hospitality to match!

Here are our tops picks of the must-see attractions in this lovely historical American neighbourhood…

Mobile Bay

If you are after a bit of sun and see, then Mobile Bay that runs along the Gulf of Mexico offers the perfect respite for travellers looking to relax.

The Birmingham Civil Rights Statue

It would be impossible to go to Alabama and not pay tribute the Civil Rights Movement that started in the 1960s and running up until the present day. The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute offers a fantastic insight into the struggles seen in Birmingham when a large social movement took place.

W.C Handy Home Museum

If you head to Florence you will find the W.C Handy Home and Museum which is a log cabin museum that showcases artefacts from ‘The Father of Blues’. Here you will find a fascinating insight into W.C Handy’s instruments and songs (including Memphis Blues and Beale Street Blues). Music lovers will adore looking at the musician’s memorabilia.

Civil Rights Memorial

In Montgomery you will find a magnificent tribute to the plight of those suffering during the Civil Rights Movement in the form of a black granite sculpture. Located right next to the Civil Rights Memorial Centre, there is no way you can miss a walk through history here.

University of Alabama

The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa opened up in 1827 and has grown extensively, making it one of the most prominent parts of the state. Today the campus grounds play host to an art gallery, arboretum, two museums and a pre-Civil War classroom. We thoroughly recommend that you visit The Gorgas House for a look at some antique collections of the Gorgas family (a former university president) and the Paul W. Bryant Museum which gives an insight into the history of football at the University.

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