America’s best beaches

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We’ve all seen the American summer in our favourite TV shows- full of sun, surfing, bikinis, BBQs and board shorts.  With a country so big, there are a significant amount of beaches that are contained within the country surfacing around two different oceans. In America, there are beaches that suit everyone, whether you want crowded sands or adventure-packed waters, you don’t have to go too far to find a beach that’s perfect for your next holiday. When you do plan to visit America and experience these vibrant beaches, ensure you have an ESTA Visa ready because without that, you will struggle getting into the Department of Homeland Security. With that covered, in this list, you’ll find some of the best in the US. And here are the ones that made the list:

Hanauma Bay Beach Park – Hawaii

This is one of the most stunning beaches across the whole of the United States, clear white sands; this coral beach is actually enclosed in a breached volcano. The best snorkelling is on offer her due to the thousands of tropical fish. The beach is inaccessible on Tuesdays to allow the wildlife surrounding the beach to have some privacy. Another positive for in regards to the beach – no smoking is allowed whatsoever.

Siesta Beach – Florida

This beach looks like something out of 90210. This crescent shaped beach is considered to be a perfect location for volleyball with its clear and warm waters and some of the finest white and clear sand, this place is one euphoric beauty.

Kapalua Bay Beach – Hawaii

Another one to come out of Hawaii, people have said this is the ‘perfect beach for swimming and snorkelling in the clear, azure waters that are protected by two headlands formed long ago by lava flows into the sea’ do I need to say more?

Ocracoke Lifeguarded Beach – North Carolina

A perfect beach for those surfers out there and if you didn’t already know, Okracoke was the home to the infamous pirate Blackbeard. In the latter part of the summer they have the big surf and a lot of locals like coming to this location on those foggy nights.

Henderson Beach State Park – Florida

Known for its white sands and emerald waters, you can enjoy this beach without those massive crowds. It is a family friendly beach, having pavilions of picnics and barbecues and is prided for its cleanliness

Coronado Beach – California

This 1.5mile long beach is a beach situated in San Diego, on Coronado Beach which has been called the toast of Southern California and contains beautiful subtropical vegetation, unique Mediterranean climate and sparkling sand. The town surrounding this beach, it main streets has an All-American vibe with brew pubs, classic diners and fine dining.