America’s Hidden Gems

hidden gems

When you think of the United States of America, what springs to mind? I’m sure that while many of us can come up with a few of its state and city names and we all have some specific spots that have caught our attention and would love to visit, most of us probably will not venture far enough to take in the full extent of it. From sunny paradise islands to jagged mountains, shimmering coastlines and expanses of deserts to everything in between- America has it all. Each unique state has so much to offer in terms of history, culture, traditions, music and cuisine, making a trip to the USA an unforgettable experience every time. More often than not, tourists tend to overlook some of the most unique and tucked away areas of the US so we hope to spread the word about some of the ‘wallflower’ places to see and visit. For a totally unique look at the best of what America has to offer why not read on and discover some of its hidden gems…?

Kodiak Island, Alaska

Kodiak Island kicks off our list of hidden American hotspots! Fond just in the Gulf of Alaska, the island is made up of seven communities and is home to some of the best seafood in the country! Its culture can be seen through the combination of Russian monuments and Orthodox churches and also has close ties with the Native American community. The interesting thing about Kodiak island is that it looks so dissimilar to other American towns.

Fredericksburg, Texas

If you really want to get an understanding of what this town is all about, take a walk through its main street. When a vast amount of German immigrants made their way to central Texas in the 1830’s, they brought with them their food, culture, architecture and alcohol, all of which remains to be seen today. The must visit place for a foodie, Fredericksburg offers some world-class cuisine. And, when the Germans came over so many years ago, they not only built beer gardens but also planted grape seeds. This has resulted in dozens of vineyards in the surrounding area. Wine-not give them a look into?

Fort Bragg, California

This lovely town is approximately a three hours’ drive north of San Francisco and has quickly become a lovely little seaside spot. The coolest thing about Fort Bragg has to be its glass beach that was formed after piles of liquor bottles, automatable lights, apothecary bottles and broken bottles were dumped in the ocean and ended up being washed right back up to the shore again. The glass sparkles and shines in the sunlight, making it quite the spectacle.

Door Country, Wisconsin

Door Country in Wisconsin is a great place to visit if you’re interested in endless nature-exploring opportunities. It also has lots of lighthouses to climb and lots of local art to see. It offers visitors the chance to explore its 3776 acres of expansive landscape that’s perfect for nature viewing, hiking and biking.

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