The Best Art Galleries in America


Although there’s no denying Europe’s bountiful collection of art galleries is impressive, it’s time to also acknowledge America’s input to the world art scene. Across the Atlantic there is a wealth of famous and unique art just waiting to be discovered, so don’t write America off as lacking in the creative department. Even if you’re not an art-aficionado, it’s worth giving one of the following art galleries a look in when you next head overseas as the beauty of art lies beyond its initial appearance. Your interpretation is also all part of the experience. To make sure you make the most of your arty American adventure, apply for an ESTA in good time before you fly. It will mean you are valid to travel on multiple occasions over a period of two years-plenty of time to visit and tick off some of the galleries on our list! Let’s begin…

Los Angeles County Museum Of Art

LACMA is definitely the gallery of choice for experimental and open minded art lovers. Spread over three floors, you will see an incredible selection of works spanning hundreds of years and thousands of miles. LACMA are passionate about its American artists so expect to see exhibitions, sculptures and installations by the likes of Alexander Calder, Tim Burton and James Turrell.

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

Whether you’re passionate about art or not, you’re likely to have heard good things about New York’s MET. It’s the largest art gallery in the country and is held in a rather substantial building on Fifth Avenue near Central Park. You will find an impressive collection of art within its impressive 10 wings; Greek and Roman art, Medieval Art, Modern art and so much more. It has also recently been renovated and its ‘Islamic’ wing reopened- exciting stuff!

Austin Museum of Digital Art

Austin’s Museum of Digital Art isn’t actually a museum you can visit… yes, its an odd one, but hear us out. You can check out their work online anytime but we promise they DO sometimes hold the occasional digital showcase at AMDA headquarters. The Museum of Digital Art’s mission is to challenge the public’s view of digital art and they are always looking for submissions from emerging and established artists and musicians. From its collection of music to graphics and music videos (and pretty much everything in between), this museum had to rank on our list due to its interesting and less typical way of viewing art of a different genres.

Seattle Art Museum

Not one for making things easy, the Seattle Art Museum actually runs across three separate facilities. The museum owns a jaw-dropping 24,000 pieces of art from ethnic, modern and contemporary backgrounds. Marvel at the Wright Collection which comprises of works from art movement such as pop and minimalism or gawk at the Asian art collection which features sculptures from Calder and Serra.

Philadelphia Museum Of Art

You will most likely recognise the Philadelphia Museum of Art from its appearance in ‘Rocky’, but it has more to offer than simply serving as a movie backdrop. It was designed by the first African-American graduate from the University of Pennsylvania and features impressive ancient Greece style columns. The Philadelphia Museum of Art houses works from around the word and has the largest collection works from Marcel Duchamp and Cy Twombly.