The best restaurants in New Orleans

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Something that everyone that pays New Orleans a visit raves on about is the city’s iconic foods and eateries. New Orleans has some staple dishes for its visitors to try out; gumbo, red beans and rice, beignets and jambalaya to name but a few. The best thing about these dishes is that each restaurant will also more than likely put their own spin on things, so you are unlikely to taste the same gumbo twice! If you are planning a trip to New Orleans and are looking to find the places to dine out in, then look no further- we have hand selected some of the best restaurants in the area for you to take full advantage of! Pack your ESTA and your ‘eating pants’, you are in for a culinary adventure like no other!

GW Fins

One place that keeps cropping up as a popular choice to eat out in New Orleans is GW Fins which offers fantastic food with service to match! Here you will find everything from lobster dumplings and fresh fish dishes to apple pie and lovely cakes. Due to the high level of popularity this restaurant receives it is important to book ahead of time to make sure you don’t miss out on your seafood hit and remember to dress a little smarter than you usually would, this is a finer dining experience after all.

Doris Metropolitan

Doris Metropolitan is the ultimate destination for those looking for an authentic French Quarter steakhouse. This up and coming eatery has Israeli roots which are perhaps what makes it stand out amongst others selling similar fare. Be sure to try the sweetbreads and tuna tartar if you are not in the mood for a steak!

Parkway Bakery and Tavern

Parkway for poor boys (as this place is affectionately known) has been a popular New Orleans eatery for over 100 years and is often referred to as the ‘Best Po’boy in Louisiana’. The poor boy is a type of sandwich and eating one here is a must if you are looking for an authentic experience from a family run business that prides itself on offering high quality and delicious food.

Two Chicks Café

If you are looking for a breakfast or r that offers everything from healthy options to satisfying comfort foods then look no further than the Two Chicks Café. Here you can sample the very best of a New Orleans breakfast, from chicken omelettes to grilled cheese sandwiches and pancakes. It’s location is also popular as it’s near the warehouse and convention district so be sure to give this spot a look in if you’re in the area.

Upperline Restaurant

A real favourite if you are looking for classic New Orleans dishes alongside some evolving Creole inspired ones. Comfort and indulgence are the order of the day in this lovely eatery, which is a great choice if you are after great service and some exquisitely fresh ingredients.