Doing Dallas

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The modern metropolis of northern Texas, Dallas is the cultural and commercial nerve centre of the area. The area is rich in history, both good and bad, and is probably most famous as the location where John F. Kennedy was assassinated on the 22nd November 1963, the Museum at Dealey Plaza stands there today as a tribute to the late President. When making your travel plans for Dallas, remember to apply for your ESTA Visa at least 72 hours before you travel in order to gain entry to the United States.

Sixth Floor Museum

Formerly the Texas School Book Depository, this is the location where Kennedy’s assassin fired those fatal bullets from. Whether or not it was Lee Harvey Oswald we may never know, but either way this place is full of history and has become a popular tourist attraction. The interactive exhibition proudly chronicles the life of JFK all way through to the tragedy of his assassination and the legacy he has left behind. There has been renewed interest in the life and death of JFK following Stephen King’s novel 11-22-63 and the subsequent TV adaptation.

Dallas World Aquarium

Starting at the top of the rainforest exhibit where you will see a number of exotic birds, some lazy sloths and a number of Orinoco crocodiles that are currently endangered. As you venture you the environment you will then see giant river otters and several species of monkey who all a part of a number of conservation projects that are run throughout the aquarium. Inside you will find jellyfish, Japanese crabs along with leafy, weedy and ribbon seadragons. There are guests in the form of blue and black-footed penguins in the South African exhibit and sharks, stingrays and sawfish in the Mundo, Maya cenote. The Dallas World Aquarium is a fun and informative attraction for families of all ages.

AT&T Stadium

Home to the Dallas Cowboys NFL team and recently WWE Wrestlemania 32 with a record attendance record of 101,763 people, the AT&T Stadium is a must see spot on your Dallas adventure. Take a tour of the stadium and learn more about the history of the Cowboys through the interactive museum and even throw a ball on the field. Look at the schedule ahead of time and see if you can get tickets to a Cowboys game too.