Four of the best places to take the kids in New York

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The USA is a country blessed with many world-class cities, but none have quite the allure of the Big Apple. In fact, there are few cities anywhere that boast the wealth of amazing visitor attractions and tourist meccas. But what about travelling with kids? Well, once you’ve filled in your ESTA Visa application here are four of the best kid-friendly attractions to pencil into your holiday itinerary.

Rockefeller Centre

If New York is famous for one thing above all (quite literally!) it’s its skyscrapers. But with so many towering buildings to choose from, which one will the kids love the most? Well, that’s easy. The Empire State Building may be the most famous, but the best views are actually from the nearby Rockefeller Centre. Your children will love the views out over Central Park, across Manhattan and the wider city.

American Museum of Natural History

Kids love museums and there aren’t many that can beat the American Museum of Natural History. The surroundings are impressive enough before you even get to the exhibits, thanks to its prime position on 79th Street next door to Central Park. The Museum itself lays claim to tens of millions of individual exhibits ranging from meteorites to fossils and ancient human artefacts. A day trip here is set to spark a lifelong fascination of the natural world for your children.

Madison Square Garden

As one of the most well-known venues in the world, Madison Square Garden is an essential experience for your children. Whether you’re taking in a game of basketball or a pop concert, this one-of-a-kind venue will provide memories that last a life time.

Central Park

It’s almost a cheat calling Central Park one place, seeing as it is so huge and encompasses so much. But if there is one place you have to take your kids it is here. Covering almost 900 acres, this huge park is the most famous urban garden in the world and has everything, including a zoo, an ice rink, a reservoir, a boating lake, and even its own castle! You can spend days enjoying the park and never get bored.