A Guide To New York’s 5 Districts

new york

“New York – the city so good they named it twice.”

Few have been able to escape the allure of the magnetic appeal that has made New York one of the most visited places in not only the USA, but also the rest of the world. The vast concrete jungle is brimming with lights and activity regardless of what time of day you find yourself wandering its streets and perhaps this is truly the best way to see the city. New York is made up of a network of neighbourhoods and it has to be said that each of the 5 districts that make up this cosmopolitan cornucopia offers a little je ne said quoi. This means that no matter what part of NY you visit, each quirky segment will offer something new and distinct that separates it from the rest. Read on to find out a little bit more about each of the New York boroughs…

The Bronx

When most of us think about the Bronx, we think the New York Yankees, hip-hop and the Bronx Zoo, but few people really get to know what lies beyond the surface. Underneath its brash exterior, the Bronx also offers adorable maritime villages, an array of cultural attractions, glorious eateries and even an art deco treat called the Grand Concourse too.


Regardless of your likes/ dislikes and interests, Brooklyn is able to cater to please every type of tourist. From vintage clothes shopping in Williamsburg to watching sports at the Barclay Centre or strolling through Prospect Park, there is no way you will not be entertained for days! Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn Heights promenade also offer spectacular views of the city so why not gather up your selfie stick and hit the road?


Queens is quite the cultural melting pot and offers some of the most outstanding and innovative art and cuisine that New York has to offer. The great thing about Queens is that it transforms and presents you with a different side of itself every time you visit so be sure to stay inquisitive and explore it extensively!


Manhattan is home to some of the big name attractions that most people tend to picture in their minds when imagining New York. From Central Park and The Empire State Building to the High Like and the One World Observatory, you are guaranteed to find yourself impressed will all the wonders that Manhattan has to offer at every turn. Get lost in Manhattan’s pretty neighbourhoods and take a peek into its sexy bars and high fashion boutiques to really get up close and personal with this side of the city.

Staten Island

When it comes to all things historical, Staten Island never fails to deliver. This island is famous for its landmarks, museums and picturesque parklands. The best thing about visiting Staten Island is the free ferry ride that takes you there which is an incredible experience in itself, offering breath-taking views of the city.

If New York is calling your name, then grab your ESTA visa and see what you can discover here!