What Are The Least Visited States in the USA?


The Unites States of America is a diverse and intriguing land mass. Housing more than 311 million people from countries far and wide and of various ethnicities, you will be hard pressed to find such a broad mix of cultures in any other country. While America as a whole has a shared set of values, you will find that urban areas and smaller towns have very different ways of life. The sheer size of America means that many people who visit often don’t get to see the place as a whole. Even the most well-travelled of Americans have a few gaps on their map of where they’ve been in their native land. We have created a list of the least visited states in America in order to inspire you to see what everyone else seems to be missing out on.

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  1. Delaware

In comparison to New York which receives 50 million tourists, Delaware receives a meagre 7.3 million. With tax-free shopping on offer its surprising more people don’t take advantage of this state-wide permanent sale! Sales aside, Delaware also boasts some of the cleanest beaches in America.

  1. Wyoming

Somehow the state with the best national park in America, Yellowstone, doesn’t attract many visitors for much else, despite being a fantastic all-rounder when it comes to fun stuff to see. Yellowstone typically brings in 3 million visitors so the remaining 7 million who visit this huge state (Wyoming covers three different states) must be flocking in for something else- but what?  Jackson Hole is a popular attraction and hosts one of the most tricky ski areas in the US and is a popular alternative to Aspen for wealthier skiers.

  1. Montana

Montana is well known for its Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks but yet its visitor numbers amass to a meagre 11 million. Parks aside, Montana has something to offer for everyone. From Whitefish where you can find some amazing ski slopes to fly fishing in Missoula, there is always an opportunity for adventure. Montana also hosts an annual four-day testicle festival in the first week of August to celebrate its Rocky Mountain oysters.

  1. Vermont

The Green Mountain State of Vermont is interestingly the only place in America where you can go to the opera in Canada as the Haskell Free Library and Opera House sits on the US Canadian border and the building lies in both countries. It also has more breweries and distilleries than you could ever dream of, making it the ultimate pub crawl haunt. For those with more of a sweet tooth, the headquarters of Ben and Jerry’s can also be found in Vermont. Their factory allows you to try ice-cream flavours that haven’t hit the shelves yet, as well as those that potentially never will- talk about a once in a lifetime experience!