Living the New Mexican dream!

new mexico

The state of New Mexico is simply bursting at the seams with magnificent sights, fascinating cultures and an extremely large amount of eccentricity. Here are three of the top must do activities in New Mexico to add to your travel list while planning your visit to the USA:

1. Sand sledging in White Sands

New Mexico is composed of lush green mountain ranges and rolling desert. On the southern tip of the state, White Sands National Monument spreads over an area of 275 square miles. The white sand dunes found there are the world’s largest gypsum deposit and gives the visitor the feeling of walking on the moon. Sledges can be rented for those who wish to hurl themselves down these gorgeous dunes, while hikes through the incredible wildlife reserve is an option for those of a milder disposition.

2. Visiting historic Santa Fe

After you’ve thrown yourself off enough gigantic white sand dunes, visit the picturesque city of Santa Fe. This adobe built city (the highest city in the USA) nestles into the surrounding mountains. Founded in 1610 by the Spanish colonialists, it is said to be the oldest state capital in the USA. Apart from its fascinating history and stunning beauty, Santa Fe today, has become the creative heart of the state, offering art exhibitions, music festivals and culinary delights throughout the year. Make sure you check out the Loretto chapel which has an incredible free standing spiral staircase, nicknamed the “Miraculous Stair”.

3. Unravelling mysteries in Roswell

Perhaps it’s the fact that military bases have always sprung up in this part of America, or that New Mexico is one of the most sparsely populated states in the USA, but whatever it may be, New Mexico has become the natural home of the conspiracy theory. Roswell is a city that has pretty much been converted into a paranormal theme park; every cafe, shop and outlet is decorated with fluorescent Martians and other extraterrestrial paraphernalia. Don’t miss the International UFO Museum and Research Center when passing through Roswell, in order to fully immerse yourself in everything alien!

Make sure you schedule New Mexico into your holiday plans for an unforgettable experience. Don’t forget to apply for your ESTA visa and get to New Mexico ASAP!