Meet me in Miami


Miami is one of those incredible travel destinations that need little or no introduction, having made its name with its sunny climate, eclectic feel and glamorous appeal. From Biscayne Bay to the South Florida skyline, you are never short of finding reasons to fall in love with the place. While many tourists typically head to some of the most well-known and documented areas (think Scarface, The Birdcage and 2 Fast 2 Furious), it has to be said that there is a lot more than meets the eye to Miami. In order to get the very best perspective on this crazy and magnificent city, you will want to dig a little deeper and uncover its secrets by exploring some of the following…

Miami Beach

While this is technically a massive tourist attraction, it is safe to say that no trip to Miami would be complete without paying a visit to Miami Beach. The beach can be found on an island that is connected to the mainland through a series of bridges, giving you easy access to the area. Here you will find some of the most glamorous and glitzy restaurants, hotels, shops and boutiques which are well worth exploring when you’re done topping up your tan on the beach itself.

Bayside Marketplace

The Bayside Marketplace is a must visit if you are in the mood to do some serious shopping, as it has over 150 stores to splash your cash in as well as many cafes and restaurants that offer live entertainment on a daily basis. Even if you’re a little more strapped for cash, Bayside Marketplace is still a fab place to people watch and soak up the overall atmosphere. As the place is popular with locals and tourists, you can also take this as an opportunity to meet new people and get a real insight into the lives of those who call Miami home.

Little Havana/ Calle Ocho

While the Cuban district of Miami does not attract a huge number of tourists, it does offer a great look at the unique culture of the area. From Latin inspired food shops and restaurants, there is plenty to enjoy while you are here. The murals in this area are beautiful and depict some important scenes from everyday life here and there is plenty of opportunity to socialise.

Jungle Island

For animal lovers, be sure to check out the Jungle Island bird sanctuary, botanical garden and wildlife habitat. Here you can find thousands of wildlife and plant species in one place. There is even a separate area that offers you the chance to see animals such as baboons, monkeys, tigers and much more. Jungle Island is the ultimate family day out destination- just be sure to book in advance during peak periods.

Before you start packing your sunscreen and sunglasses, remember to also apply for your ESTA visa before you book your flights to Miami. An ESTA will be able to grant you entry into the United States and is something that no UK citizen can go without on their American adventure.