Must See Places In The US Before You Die

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With the whole world at our feet it can be all the more difficult pin-pointing where in the world we would like to go next. If you are contemplating heading to the States for your next trip and would like a little inspiration with what parts should be top of your list of places to see, our guide is here to help. The following places are just a small example of some of the coolest aspects of the vast country that make it as iconic as it is today. These places go a long way in bringing to life the cultural fabric of the country and are a must-see to add to your bucket list!

The French Quarter, New Orleans

The French Quarter in New Orleans’ Louisiana offers its visitors a chance to truly step back in time. Its aesthetic is made up of pretty garden courtyards, iron balcony railings and cobblestoned corridors. The rich musical history that made this city is very much still a prominent feature in its present as it was part of its history, with jazz, blues and classic rock and roll found all over the quarter.

Times Square, New York

Look no further than Times Square in New York if you are looking to find the epicentre of bright lights and all-consuming excess of American culture and consumerism. It is quite the eye opened to walk through the glaring lights of ads and signs that tourists relish to take photographs off and experience in the flesh after seeing them on TV or their favourite films. If you get tired of the fighting the crowds then head to the quieter areas between 42nd and 47th streets, where you will find new pedestrian only areas.

Big Sur, California

The Big Sur has most certainly earnt its reputation as being one of the most famous retreats for writers and artist throughout history. The ancient forest and abundance of wildflowers make it a haven for wildlife such as sea otters and birds and offers a fabulous chance to see go whale and seal spotting, too.

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Mount Rushmore is a grand spectacle that embodies the American ideal perfectly. The sheer scale of the works is enough to take your breath away and it captures the four faces of iconic American presidents.

Taos Pueblo, New Mexico

The UNESCO World heritage Site of Taos Pueblo makes for a truly fascinating look at the largest collection of pueblo dwellings of the Tiwa Native Americans in the US. Inside these buildings you will be able to become a part of the traditional Native American way of life that has remained intact since the first Spanish explorers came to New Mexico in 1540.

Don’t forget your ESTA

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