Packing For The USA – Top Tips


While it’s not even remotely glamorous and most of us avoid it like the plague to the very last minute, it cannot be denied that packing for your upcoming trip is pivotal in the success and level of stress-free bliss you fell when you’ve touched off from the UK. While it is often mentioned that you should pack light and purchase certain things that you may need once you have reached your destination, there are some things that just cannot be avoided when it comes to packing for a trip to the USA. What you pack for your American adventure certainly depends on where in the country you are heading out to, so why not use our handy packing guide to do all the hard work for you and streamline the packing process a tad? You can thank us later…

The Northeast

Home to: New York City, Maine, Niagara Falls, Boston, New England, Pennsylvania, Virginia

The Northwest is interesting in the fact that it is humid and hot in the summer months and snows a considerable amount in the winter, so packing for this part of the country depends vastly on the season that you choose to visit in. Packing thin clothes that you can layer in the autumn and winter months and a thick, waterproof jacket is always going to be a good idea. Similarly decent, comfortable walking shoes are a must for tramping through the city.

The Southeast

Home to: Florida, Washington, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama

This part of the states never really gets incredibly cold, even in the depths of winter so all you will really need is alight jacket for the chillier winter evenings. Packing your swimming gear is encouraged as you never know when you will have the opportunity to hit the beach and some sunglasses as the sun is very powerful.

The Northwest

Home to: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming

The Northwest can get very wet (which is exactly why there is so much lush vegetation in this area) so be sure to bring your rain gear and some decent umbrellas when heading this way. It is also recommended that you carry some wipes to clear your shoes of mud!

The Southwest

Home to: Arizona, new Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Utah

The vast majority of the southwest is very hot and dry which means you should come armed with good sunscreen! Alongside this, strong, sensible footwear will also be handy when wandering through the streets. Keeping water by your side at all times is also very much recommended as you will definitely want to keep dehydration at bay!


No trip to America will be complete without taking your confirmation of being able to travel to the country. Before you travel to the USA, be sure to apply for an ESTA visa which will allow you to enter the country. The application process is straightforward and essentially works by completing a background check to ensure you are not a threat to the security of the country. Once you have this- you are goof to go!