The most popular American travel destinations

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Millions of people take to the skies for a trip the United States of America from the UK alone each year, so it is little wonder that the states is one of the most popularly ranked destinations to go to in the world. The beauty of America lies in its diversity and array of things to see and do. Many people tend to go to America for extended periods of time in order to fully soak up their chosen travel destination within its vast landscape.  Here are just a handful of the top rated and highly recommended places to visit in the US that are sure to inspire you to pay the country a visit. Remember, applying for an ESTA travel visa is imperative if you are looking to travel to the US as it allows you to enter the country without the need for a visa.


The Golden State of California is known for being a popular holiday destination and one of the main draws of this part of America has to be Yosemite National park. The extensive area of parkland features miles of ancient trees, impressive waterfalls and adrenaline-rush-inducing cliff edges. You can stay in the park and explore its many natural wonders at your leisure, with guided tours and lessons in climbing and other sports available.

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is aptly named considering its vast size and depth (it is roughly 277 miles long and 1 mile deep). It is recorded that the canyon dates back 6 million years and its red and orange rock formations have been attracting visitors ever since it was discovered. The UNESCO world heritage site is visited by 4.5 million people each year- why not become one of them?

San Francisco

San Francisco is definitely the most free-spirited and chilled out cities in the states, known for its liberalism and fancy-free vibe. If you are passionate about art, fabulous cuisine and adventure, San Francisco can give these to you in abundance. Whether you are young or old, San Francisco is one of those places that will take you in with open arms and you can guarantee you won’t run out of things to keep you busy if you stay here.


Maui is just one of the islands that make up Hawaii’s archipelago and is said to offer the best of all of the islands combined, due to its size and liveliness. From impressive history and culture to incredible wildlife, you can’t find a place that is more unique than Maui is. From beach activities and water sports and professional hula dancers, there is never a dull moment in Maui.


For those not content with wandering around a city, Yellowstone is considered to be an outdoor lover’s paradise. From expansive forests and meadows to rainbow coloured pools and angry geysers, Yellowstone is a feast for the senses and is guaranteed to be a standout focal point of your trip to America. Be prepared to experience nature in all its glory!