Soul-soothing beach holiday in Cape Cod

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You can keep your Mediterranean holidays and your crowded beaches and bars. There are pristine sands and character towns to be explored on Cape Cod, where lifelong holiday memories are ‘made in New England’.
For many people completing an ESTA application, the USA and Florida are synonymous. For anyone who hasn’t researched Cape Cod as a holiday destination, you need to read on. It offers an authentic experience of all the best of the US.

Cape Cod is quirky and calm

It’s impossible to encapsulate all that Cape Cod has to offer in this blog, but the highlights include many miles of wide Atlantic beaches. Some offer surfing, while others are more sheltered for perfect paddling and swimming.

Inland, you have a patchwork of unique and quirky towns. Many have preserved the charm of the 50s and provide a great chance to soak up Americana at its most authentic.

There are white picket fences, clapperboard and shingle-roofed homes – many of them dating back to the area’s seafaring golden years; resplendent and aesthetically fascinating.

Places to visit

Among the quaint and friendly places to browse are Chatham, Orleans, Brewster and Sandwich, where there are galleries, antique shops, great restaurants and a myriad of local stores.

As you wander around, you’ll find many stores offering good coffee, but also a beguiling array of ice cream flavours. This is a community that prides itself on using local ingredients to provide family-friendly eating. So seafood is plentiful and delicious.

A Cape Cod holiday should include a trip to Nantucket – a pocket sized, more concentrated version of the area’s natural beauty and historic charism. This island was once the heart of the whaling industry, producing the oil that lit lamps throughout the world. The wealth created is evident in the gracious homes and unspoilt serenity of the streets and open spaces.

If you want a taste of more recent history, a visit to Hyannis Port, Cape Cod, will enable you to walk in the footsteps of America’s most famous family. The Kennedy Compound still houses three holiday homes and six acres of land, on the Nantucket Sound.

You can get a great view of Cape Cod’s iconic landmarks and the whale population from the many boat trips. Especially those setting off from bohemian and colourful Provincetown on the northern tip of Cape Cod.

ESTA form is a step closer to memories

With so much natural beauty, unspoilt stretches of sand, and the opportunity to gather some unforgettable memories, Cape Cod makes the ideal beach holiday. Apply for your ESTA here because nothing soothes the soul like a walk on a Cape Cod beach.