The top spots in the USA for St Patrick’s day

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It’s often said that the Americans do St Patrick’s day better than the Irish do! There is no shortage of parades, parties and more in the USA for St Patrick’s day, so we have rounded up the top spots to visit.

1. Boston

Boston is Americas most Irish-America city since it’s the one with the highest number of people with Irish descent. So, it’s no surprise that it hosts the country’s third-largest parade which brings in one million spectators! As well as the annual parade, you’ve got a six-day concert filled with Irish music and an Irish film festival.

2. Chicago

Probably one of the world’s most recognized St Patrick’s day traditions is the annual dyeing of the Chicago River. This ritual has been going on for years and years and the city’s river dye formula is actually protected. Chicago hosts two St Patrick’s day parades and plenty of Irish bars serving “green” drinks to help you celebrate the day of the Irish.

3. Hot Springs, Arkansas

If you want to celebrate a St Patrick’s day that’s unique, then look no further than Hot Springs. Featuring amusing attractions such as a kissing contest, Irish Elvis impersonators, and the world’s largest inflatable leprechaun, you aren’t short of interesting ways to celebrate. They also host the Hot World’s Shortest St Patrick’s Day Parade of 98 feet which draws 30,000 visitors each year!

4. New York City

The Big Apple goes green for St Patrick’s day. It hosts the largest celebration in all of the USA. You can enjoy the magical parade or grab an Irish dance lesson, or even try your hand at the tin whistle. There’s even a chance to play a classic game of Gaelic football.

Whichever city you choose for your St Patrick’s day celebrations, don’t leave the country without completing your Esta application. You need it to enter the USA and unfortunately, the luck of the Irish can’t help you if you forget! Make a checklist so you don’t forget to apply and check out our packing guide to help you pack your bags for a wonderful trip away!