The top US cities to visit in autumn

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Autumn is finally here. Better known as ‘fall’ in the USA, it’s a season of beautiful orange, red and yellow foliage, stunning sunsets, brisk temperatures that give us an excuse to drink hot chocolate and, of course, Halloween!

If you’re thinking of an autumn getaway, then here are the top US cities to escape to:

1. New York

New York is simply amazing all year round, but there something special about the autumn season. The wonderful wooded areas of New York – as vast as the backwoods of the Catskills or as small as the urban oasis of Central Park – explode into a mosaic of stunning autumn colours as the leaves change during the autumn season.

You have ample opportunities to stroll around and soak up the atmosphere whilst sipping on a hot drink. The great thing about autumn is that the weather is cool and provides a perfect time of year to try your hand at camping in upstate New York.

2. Denver

The city’s foliage takes centre stage during the month of October, when you can witness beautiful picture perfect foliage along the High Line Canal, or from the Cherry Creek Bike Trail.

It’s also a brilliant season for avid beer fans. The season sees a lineup of beer tasting opportunities: the Denver Beer Fest, the Denver Oktoberfest and the Great American Beer Festival, which features 3,500 different beers from over 700 brewers!

3. Portland

For some of the best local foliage, you should take a hike up the beautiful Bradbury Mountain. As well as beautiful views, you can truly emerge yourself in the autumn vibe. Portland is also great for foodies with the annual October food fest on the harbour.

With the Main Lobster Chef of the Year competition held here, along with the grand food tasting, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Portland is also famous for its Annual West End Halloween Parade, so if you time your trip to coincide with Halloween, then this is a number one choice.

Before you jet off on your autumn adventure to the USA, make sure you’ve remembered to complete your ESTA visa application, then get to planning your break today!

Photo: new york by Sole Treadmill licensed under Creative commons 2