Theodore Roosevelt & North Dakota

north dakota

Legends are born in North Dakota, the ultimate state to channel your inner explorer and experience the history and culture of the state along with outdoor activities like biking and bird-watching. Many adventurers that include Lewis and Clark, Sakakwea and Theodore Roosevelt explored this sparsely populated and naturally rugged state that hasn’t changed much since they left. When you visit North Dakota you will find beautifully starry night skies, whistling winds and vistas that stretch out for miles.

Ahead of your family holiday to North Dakota, make sure you fill out an ESTA application for every member of your family in order to gain entry to the United States. After that you’ll be free to enjoy the many sites the Peace Garden State has to offer.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Long before he became the 26th President of the United States, a young Theodore Roosevelt claims that the romance of his life began in North Dakota. Today there is a National Park named after him that acts as a testimony to his legacy. Horseback tours are available through the 70,000 acres of painted canyons and grassy hiking trails that border the Little Missouri River with bison’s grazing along the road. The park is separated into two large units around 50 miles apart with Roosevelt’s Elkhorn ranch in the middle.

Medora Musical

This colourful two-hour show features singing, dancing, live animals and fireworks against a badlands backdrop and relives the cowboy days of Teddy Roosevelt. You are guaranteed to be tapping your feet by the end and leave the show eager to visit Roosevelt’s National Park, even if you’ve been already.

Bonanzaville USA

An amalgamation of 40 buildings on 12 acres of land used to recreate life on the ‘bonanza’ farms that ruled the prairies of the late 1800s. Located in West Fargo, Bonanzaville USA includes ever type of building or small business that would have made up the North Dakota town when the area was being settled. With the accurate costumes of the staff too, you’ll believe you’ve travelled back in time when you step inside genuine re-enactments of a log cabin, blacksmith, school, drug store, general store, saloon, bank, barber shop and many more.

Enchanted Highway

Once you turn off Exit 72 on the I-94 you will see seven massive sculptures along the 32 mile ribbon of rural highway. Enchanted Highway is the genius creation of retired educator Gary Greff in a bid to increase quixotic tourism and bring more visitors to his tiny hometown of Regent.