Travel to Alaska


Found in the northwest corner of Canada is the expansive and intriguing state of Alaska. Perhaps best known for its spectacular mountains, incredible open spaces and plentiful wildlife, there is no doubt that visiting this part of the world will lead you towards some memorable experiences. The great thing about Alaska is its ability to stand out from the crowd and deliver a wildly different travel experience than if you were to visit some of the other American states. Find out more about this glorious place and how to make the most of your time here with our quick guide.

When to visit

Visiting remote and sparsely populated parts of the world tend to always gather curiosity with regards to when the best time to come and visit is. Locals tend to say that the optimum time for tourists is between the months of May and September when the days are longest and the plants and wildlife are most expressive.

The best way to get around

The great thing about Alaska is that there are multitudes of ways in which you can explore the area and make the most of your stay by seeing the state in an authentic way.  Here are some of the best and most popular ways in which you can see Alaska when you book your holiday:

  • Cruise along the Alaskan coast and take in spectacular mountain views
  • Customise your land tour
  • Hire an RV and navigate the roads at your leisure


It is often joked about that Alaska has a total of two seasons; one being winter and the second being the months of June, July and August! Summer temperatures in this part of the world range from 55 degrees Fahrenheit and 70 degrees Fahrenheit and hours on sunshine during these months range from 13 to 19 hours- be prepared to feel a little disorientated!

Must see spots

When it comes to finding things to do in Alaska it has to be said that there is never a shortage of areas to explore. Here we have listed some of the ultimate things to add to your lilst of must see things to do as part of your own Alaskan journey:

  • Head to the coast and take in the breathing splendour of watching mighty glaciers crash into the ocean
  • Take a flight over the Alaskan mountains
  • Take on a Bear Viewing Tour and watch these majestic creatures from a safe distance
  • Drive the vast highways
  • Go on a whale watching tour
  • Take the time to get to know the local people and ask questions
  • Brave the cold and go on a chase of the Northern Lights


If you are an animal lover then there is no better place to get up close and personal with wildlife than here in Alaska. The state offers you the chance to see bears, moose, marine wildlife and birds easily and intimately. Be mindful when travelling though Alaska and brush up on your safety knowledge in order to avoid putting yourself and your family in danger.

Preparing for your travels to the USA couldn’t be easier with proper preparation and forward planning. Make sure that you allow yourself time to secure your ESTA US visa prior to travelling to the glorious state of Alaska.