A Tropical Adventure In Hawaii


The one and only of the United States that is located in Oceania, Hawaii is also the most recent to receive statehood in 1959. The isolated islands are well known for their rugged landscapes, waterfalls, tropical plants and beautiful beaches of gold, red, black and green sands. Honolulu is the biggest city, and is where you’ll find Waikiki Beach and Pearl Harbor’s memorials from WWII.
Ahead of your trip to the Pacific Paradise, remember to fill out your ESTA application at least 72 hours before you are set to travel. Once you’re approved you’ll then be allowed entry into the USA for up to 90 days.

USS Arizona Memorial

This memorial is an impressive 184 feet and honours the 2,388 Americans who sadly lost their lives during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. Starting with a short, but informal documentary, the tour then takes you by boat to the memorial, or alternatively you can travel by bus from Waikiki. The excursion is free, you just need to queue up for a ticket as spaces each day are limited, get there early to allow yourself plenty of time, plus it can get really busy. The site is currently of scientific interest as archaeologist Jessica Keller conducts dives as part of research being conducted on the structure of the USS Arizona.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Volcanic eruptions are one the most fascinating (and yet terrifying) natural occurrences of the planet and are responsible for most of the landscape of the world as we know it. At this educational attraction you can learn from the knowledgeable tour guides about the formations of volcanic rocks and see a real life lava flow. The admission fee of $10 provides entrance for up to seven days. There is a variety of trails, all of which with stunning views that you should take your time to enjoy. It can be quite a lengthy walk, but you can take a car and drive yourself between the lookouts if you prefer.

Waikiki Beach

The most popular beach in all of Hawaii, Waikiki is conveniently located near some of the top hotels which makes it ideal for a spontaneous afternoon. The golden white sands are stunning with a fantastic atmosphere for relaxing, swimming, paddling and even surfing. The beach is large so there is plenty of room for visitors, even during peak holiday season, although it can then get a little crowded. There is a long stretch that is ideal for an evening stroll and there are a number of shops close by for when you need to cool with an ice cream or a cold drink.