The Underrated & Overlooked States of America

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There is so much contained within the United States that certain locations can be hard to miss and that will be a big shame as this country gives you the opportunity to see a variations of attractions- you’ll have the chance to witness beautiful coastlines to majestic mountains ranges. Whether you’re down south or traveling to the altitudes of the north, due to its vast and expansive size there as so many states that are either overlooked or underrated. Remember before discovering these underrated states, make yourself aware that you are carrying the correct visa to avoid disruption when entering the US Department of Homeland Security. Enjoy the peace of mind and apply for your ESTA visa so you can enter the land of dreams and enjoy the best states the country has to offer.

So here are some of the underrated and overlooked states  in America:


Forget about tourists, most Americans have never seen Maine, the sparsest populated state east of Mississippi. Resting quietly, almost invisible to its surroundings, there is a reason why Maine is called ‘Vacationland’. Maine offers a unique natural setting that has been luring summer tourists for decades. It contains a tranquil and temperate setting for its visitors to submerge themselves in and they can find endless things to do and places to explore


To many Americans, Minnesota is just another state in flyover country, somewhere just situated between the east coast and the Rockies towards Canada. But this state is hugely overlooked; it contains a bolstering art scene, a vibrant outdoor culture, affordable prices and a friendly atmosphere making Minnesota a perfect place for a weekend or a nice trip.


Not known by most but the Razorback State is a undeserved overlooked state in America, underrated for its BBQ’s and spa town tranquillity. It can be said that this state is home to the best or worse college cheer, the best or worse former president and the best former NATO supreme allied commander so you could say the traits it shows off are a bit hit and miss.


Another underrated and overlooked state is Alaska. It is one of America’s greatest remaining expanses of truly unspoiled wilderness and judgement-free opportunities, in your free time watch for those rogue bears whilst enjoying the stunning beauty and eerie silence of walking on a glacier


The place that invented the cheeseburger, the can opener, ESPN, and Rick Mahorn… need I say more? Well if you go in the autumn, then yes I do! Connecticut is known for its New England Autumns and one of the nicest things about Connecticut is that in the northern part, the autumns have the same appeal as places like Vermont or New Hampshire- beautiful foliage, trees and greenery that is unmatched almost anywhere in the United States.