Most Visited Attractions In The USA

times square

The United States of America is the land of the free, the home of the brave and some of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. With so much of America to see it could be a little overwhelming when deciding where to visit on your holiday to the US. Here we’ve compiled some of the top places for you so all you then have to do is book your trip and apply for your ESTA visa so you’ll be permitted entry to the country and have the adventure of a life time.

Navy Pier, Chicago

More than 8 million visitors flock from all over the world to see this stunning attraction that overlooks Lake Michigan and can be easily spotted from miles away by the iconic Ferris wheel that stands 150 feet high. There is also a merry-go-round with astonishingly accurate animals and the classic Wave Swinger ride. When you visit you can take Segway tour of the area or hire skates, bicycles and four-seater quadricycles to explore the pier at your own leisure.

Balboa Park, San Diego

Covering 1,200 acres, Balboa Park is like mini-city that contains 15 museums, 9 performing arts groups, 16 gardens, a golf course, numerous tennis courts, lawn bowling and even a miniature railroad. It also home to the world famous San Diego Zoo where you can encounter four giant pandas and the largest outdoor pipe organ in the world, the tallest of the pipes stands as 32 feet tall while the shortest is no longer than a pencil. It should come as no surprised that Balboa Park attracts 13 million visitors every single year.

DisneyLand, California

The original, and many would argue, still the greatest of all the Disney parks that regularly attracts 16 million guests. This is the only park that was overseen by Walt Disney before his untimely death in 1966 and remains the blueprint for his vision that has transcended across the world in his movies and multiple other theme parks. Many of the rides in California are better than their equivalents at the Magic Kingdom in Florida, the Pirates of the Caribbean is a prime example as it is nearly twice as long here with an exit that takes you into a dreamy bayou, unlike the gift shop in Florida.

Las Vegas

Many of the world’s cultures come to meet in Sin City where there are replicas of the Eiffel Tower, a pyramid, Arc de Triomphe, a sphinx, a Venetian canal and a New York skyline. The modern Las Vegas isn’t just about casinos as today you can treat yourself to the finest dining with Michelin rated restaurants and you can enjoy the delights of the famous Bellagio fountains that put on an outstanding light and music show.

Times Square, New York City

Especially popular on New Year’s Eve when the Centennial Ball drops four times every hour before two tonnes of confetti is released at midnight. You will recognise Times Square from countless movies and TV shows throughout history. Over the years Times Square has adapted in order to accommodate the 41 million visitors every year with a number of pedestrian only zones with café tables.