Some of the weirdest things you can bet on for the Super Bowl

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Come Sunday and Vegas will receive over millions in bets regarding the outcome of the Super Bowl. You might think that’s a ton of money for just one match but in the grand schemes of things, it quite a small share. It is believed that when bets placed outside of Vegas are tallied, in addition to other organisations, you’re looking at over $4.2 billion dollars being wagered on the outcome of Sunday’s game. The bets being wagered will be simple- which team will win? Which player wills core the first touchdown? The amount of sacks? Those are considered your normal bets; it’s easy to research simply by looking at past performances, learning the stats thus helping you make that decision in regards to what you believe will happen. But out there, there are some bookmakers offering the bizarre and unusual. The bets in the industry are known as ‘prop bets’.

These bets offer you more freedom when putting money on the Super Bowl, giving you ‘other things’ to bet on beyond that of the game’s outcome. This is known to be done across the world and in Vegas it is legal as long as they can justify its connected to the field of play. If you’re interesting in watching next year’s Super Bowl, make sure you have an ESTA visa as this is what you need to get through the US Department of Homeland Security.  So with that said, here are some of the weirdest bets that you can put on during Sunday’s game:

Lady Gaga and the national anthem

There are so many bets regarding Lady Gaga and the nation anthem:

  • How long will it take Lady Gaga to sing the US National Anthem?
  • The colour of her hair?
  • What will Gaga be wearing during the half time show?
  • Will Gaga expose her midriff?
  • Will she suffer a wardrobe malfunction

Gatorade dump

The Gatorade dump is always a fun and bizarre bet because it’s always over so quickly, but the silliest yet common bet that is placed regarding this topic is the colour of the liquid being poured on the winning coach examples are:

  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Clear
  • Green

Will Matt Ryan Cry

Yes, you can bet on a grown man to cry but at the end of the day it could be worth a shout. I mean, this is his first ever chance in winning a Super Bowl and by beating the New England Patriots could make anyone well up and cry. If the odds are good this could good bet to put on, especially as both outcomes could make the start QB shed those tears.