What changes can I make to my ESTA?
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What changes can I make to my ESTA?

Requiring a new ESTA is usually a simple procedure, made even easier by your having already successfully applied for one in the past. However, you may not be aware of when you need to make a re-application, and how to go about applying should any of your details be different to the previous time you applied and were accepted.

Although the manner of applying for an ESTA Visa Waiver is usually a very quick and easy process, anybody can make mistakes. If you’ve made an error in your application, it’s important that you know what to do next, especially if you’re in a hurry. Some mistakes will require you to submit a new form, whereas others can be updated fairly easily. You may also need to reapply for a document in some cases, should any personal details change. This guide will explain exactly what you need to do depending on your situation, and ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible for you.

Will I ever need to reapply for another ESTA?

You may need to reapply for another ESTA in a variety of situations. ESTAs expire after a certain amount of time, a period of up to two years. However, your ESTA could expire before this, if your passport expires, or you are required to obtain a new passport for any reason. This is also true if you legally change your name, gender, or a change of circumstances requires you to answer any of the Yes or No questions in your application differently to your last registration.

You will be told the normal date of expiry of your ESTA once your application has been approved, so you will know when it expires. This will almost always be two years, or the date of your passport’s expiry (the soonest of the two.) Should any other information change requiring you to reapply for your ESTA, you will need to make this clear when applying for a new ESTA.

What should I do if the information in my passport has changed?

If you have had to acquire a new passport, you will need to apply for a new ESTA. ESTAs are linked to passports and are only valid for that specific document. This also means that, should you possess a passport for another country, you cannot use this in place of your old one, and if you receive a new passport, even a routine update, you MUST make a new ESTA application as your old one will no longer be valid. If you legally change your name, gender or nationality, a new travel authorisation will be required. This also applies if any of the Yes or No questions asked in your previous application have now changed owing to circumstances.

How can I correct a mistake once I have completed my application?

It depends on the type of mistake. Any wrong information about passport documents, biographical information or any questions relating to your eligibility to travel to the US will require you to fill out an entirely new application, as the details will be used to decide whether or not your application will be accepted. Other mistakes, such as destinations, city of embarkation, contact details, etc, which have no bearing on the actual decision for your registration, can be updated without the need for a new application by using the update feature for your ESTA form. You will be reminded and prompted to check your details several times before you submit the form – it is advised that you make sure that the information is correct before you submit your application, to make things go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Our site offers a wide range of topics to help you fill in your details correctly and ensure you don’t make any mistakes. A third party can also fill out your form for you on your behalf, such as a travel agent or relative, if you are having difficulties.

Do I need to update my ESTA if it will expire before I depart the US?

No. The ESTA is required to travel to the U.S., but not to depart. You will be able to arrive and leave in the U.S. without any problems even if your ESTA expires after your arrival, so you won’t need to make a new application in order to travel in this case. However, obviously, if your ESTA expires while you are inside the U.S., as soon as you leave you will need to make a new application before you can return.