Why you should visit Colorado


Colorado has a lot more to offer than just canyons and any traveller that wants a taste of nature as well as culture should head here. This state is made up of old and new – mining towns and mountains as well as contemporary cooking and art. If you want a full experience of the American West, then Colorado is the place to go. Don’t forget to grab your ESTA Visa and hiking boots before you set out to explore this beautiful state.

Home Brew

If you’re an appreciator of good beer then you’ll want to visit Colorado and try the home brews. Known as the Napa Valley of beer, this state is home to some of the best home brews in America and has more micro-breweries than any other state. Wynkoop Brewing Co. seems to be the one brewery that everyone recommends, which means it’s definitely worth a taste; and if beer isn’t your thing, wine is the next fine beverage that Colorado are making from scratch and those vineyards are worth more than just a pretty picture.

The Great Outdoors

Who could mention Colorado without mentioning the National Parks? There are four National Parks in this state and all of them are incredible, particularly the legendary Rocky Mountains. Black Canyon of the Gunnison also holds a special place in many people’s hearts and is certainly worth a visit. You can hike, camp, climb rocks and get high on nature, or you can do the opposite and rent a luxury log cabin cottage based around Dunton hot springs. Even outside the national parks, you’ll find everyone taking advantage of the warm weather, grabbing their bikes and walking boots and just getting outside in the sunshine.


Skiing is one of the best things Colorado is famous for. Home of the famous Aspen ski resort town and over 55 peaks available for skiing, Colorado really is the best place to go for the ultimate skiing experience. There are slopes for all levels, so even if you’re a rookie, you can find your ski legs on the Colorado slopes. There are also a lot of apres ski bars where you can kick off your skis and relax with a slice of pizza or a glass of wine in front of the fire.

Art and Architecture

Outstanding exhibitions are always coming and going in Colorado, so you’ll have to hurry if you want to catch the best of them. Colorado’s art community is mighty impressive and a lot of the French greats like Monet and Degas have had their work displayed in Colorado galleries. The Denver Art Museum also has an architectural pedigree and is one heck of a sight to see, both inside and out. If you’re looking for culture then Colorado has just what you need.


In Colorado’s capital, the young creatives and ambitious artists have all come together and made Denver a foodie hotspot for any kind of budget. From fine cuisine to laid back dining, Colorado has food for all kinds of picky eaters and gluttons that world class chefs have praised as being some of the best in America.  The hipster culture of Colorado has also made Denver a great place to taste gourmet versions of classic American cuisine. So, to taste revamped versions of your favourite dishes, grab your knife and fork and head west.

The old Western towns

The heritage of Colorado still has a strong presence today and you’ll find a couple of towns that look a feel like a town from the old west, except in towns like Silverton you’ll be seeing snowy mountains instead of desert in the background. This old mining town has unpaved streets, fly fishing, snowmobiling and fudge as well as a lot of interesting history to uncover.