Why you should work at an American summer camp


Life can be hard and we’re rarely ever given a break. We are born, spend the young half of our lives in education and the latter part is purely just work. The latter part of life is a horrible paradox as we go through a cycle of stress and enjoyment. This is why it’s very important to cherish the good times you receive in life, which is the reason why summer can be so valuable to our happiness- it’s the season where people go on holidays, do a lot more activities and generally seem significantly happier. The only problem is, summer can be short lived and whether you’re a student or working a 9 till 5 jobs, as a population we always feel as if we’re being pushed further and further to reach our goals and aspirations, which by all means is good, but it can take up most of our lives and at the end of the day, we’re humans, not robots. We deserve a bit of happiness in our lives which is why working at summer camp can provide you with both.

If you feel slightly at loss with the direction your life is heading in, whether it is your career or the choices your making in life, then working at a summer camp in America may be beneficial for your future. If you do decide that you want to spend your summer working at a summer camp, then make sure that you have completed you ESTA visa application, so you can enjoy your time at these establishments without any immigration issues.

What summer camps do for you?

When working at a summer camp, you’ll soon realise how important you are to others. You’ll begin to learn new skills and really make a difference to your camper’s lives. However, the early stages of camp life won’t come easy; you’ll instantly feel alienated and hesitant due to new environments and new peers. The more you get settled in though, the feelings will begin to diminish and you’ll realise that the environment you are in, the people that are surrounding you will slowly become your new home, your new family. With this feeling, you’ll being to notice that you can rely on more people, shed tears and enjoy the special moments together- it ends up making your summer feel very euphoric.

Camp life reflects real-life

Camp life can be a harsh and unpredictable environment, which in many ways can be said for life in general. You’ll feel physically and emotionally drained, you’ll be pushed to your limits. However by having a community of co-workers and campers all in the same boat supporting one another makes the most impossible task plausible. All the hardship will be worthwhile, I promise and what will result from this are the valuable skills you can transfer into the real world; you being to learn the value of hard work and the benefits that come with it. So many skills can be learnt at a summer camp which will enhance you as a person and bolster your CV.

However, there is something to be said when working at a summer camp. You won’t get the same entities working at a desk and chair, nor will you in your day to day job, but there is something working for a camp that has an effect on you, your CV and the way you look at life. The benefits are endless; not only will you be making an impact on the younger generation but you’ll be making an impact on yourself with an unpredictable, never boring job, that you can take home with you and apply it to your aspirations in life. So what are you waiting for? Get your ESTA visa now and start making a difference in the world.